A conversation about being a young performer and creative collaborator

Formidlingsrommet, Den Norske Opera & Ballett

26. October - Kl 16.30

We have gathered four young people who have been part of TekstLabs Young Voices and HORDE/CODA Dancefest 2021, to have a conversation and listen to their reflections and questions about being part of an inclusive art projects (inclusive of professionals and non-professionals). 

The Cultural Report that was commissioned in 2020 by the Government particularly highlights four focus areas regarding art for children and young people: Participation, equal opportunities for participation, a relevant and representative offer of arts and culture, and coordination and interaction of this.

What are the young people’s experiences? What are the key questions for them?

How do we as organisers consider and make use of their knowledge

Shanti Brahmachari, artistic director of  TekstLab and Ragnhild Tronstad (subject manager performing arts, Kulturtanken) are part of the conversation.

This seminar consists of conversations seeking to shed light on the working methods and participation in inclusive performance projects, all from the youths’ point of view.