Aperghis Seminar

Norges Musikkhøgskole

12. October - Kl 15.00

and the choreography concert “THOUSAND ROOMS – with unexpected changes”

Open Seminar

• About Georges Aperghis work as a composer (French-Greek, born 1945). Aperghis is one of the most original and influential contemporary composers today. He has a visual and performative aspect on the music.

• About the working process for the choreographer and for the performers in the choreography-concert Thousand Rooms – with unexpected changes, shows: 18 and 19 October at Riksscenen. The choreography-concert has Aperghis’ music as an inspiration, where the musicians and the dancer play his music and says his texts, but also shows their own material. The choreographer does also break the musicians limits, by letting them as well do advanced choreography, as for the dancer working with advanced text.