The Villa

10. October - Kl 22.00

11. October - Kl 22.00

16. October - Kl 22.00

17. October - Kl 22.00

23. October - Kl 22.00

24. October - Kl 22.00

True to tradition, CODA will be serving an exciting cocktail of artists far into the late night hours. Every weekend of the festival the doors at The Villa will be open for festival spectators.

The festival is excited to present an exciting collaboration with Oslo’s most innovative club concept – Oslo Experimental and Inconoclastic. The Villa was nominated as the best club concept in Norway 2008 and has reached a high standing in international rankings.

…so therefore – dear audience, there will be an intense verve for the eyes and the ears, the young and old, thick and thin, the reticent and off-the-wall. Together we will create large quantities of enjoyment and fun for festival participants, artists and last but not least – to our festival audience.

See you on the dance floor!