La Nuit – La Traversée

Dansens Hus

17. October - Kl 19.00

Nacera Belaza is from Algeria, but has lived in France since she was a child. Following literature studies, she chose to pursue dance and in 1989 founded Compagnie Nacera Belaza.

Belaza’s artistic journey extends from the personal to the universal. Her inner journey moves hand-in-hand with an exploration of the body’s presence in space, its relation to others, to everything. Her choreographic work is based on careful introspection and reflection upon human nature.

Le Cri was awarded as the “Choreographic Revelation of the Year” by the French Critics Prize in 2008, and in this work she began exploring a dialogue between dance and traditional rituals and contemporary dance vocabulary.

In her more recent work, La Traversée, and in La Nuit, a solo by Nacera Belaza, the dancers, in the flickering of half-light, create poetry in motion, combining Sufi-inspired sensuality with an acute sense of the now.