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24. October - Kl 14.30

24. October - Kl 15.30

24. October - Kl 16.30

LuxTempus is an outdoor dance performance where installation art, interactive art and contemporary dance combine to create an experience of the here and now.

This project is a collaboration between dance artist Mathilde Caeyers, scenographer Mari Lotherington and lighting designer Torbjørn T. Sandnes. The actual installation is inspired by the summer light in the north of Norway. Light (lat. lux), wind and rain affect how a box of made of colourful panels is perceived by observers. Therefore, the box is both a light-reflecting object reacting to its surroundings, and an interactive installation into which the audience can enter. Have fun trying out different positions and vantage points, observe how the box and the dancer appear from different angles – and enjoy the presence of other spectators.

For this 21-minute performance, choreographer Mathilde Caeyers used the concept of time (lat. tempus) as a starting off-point, treating it as a non-linear construction – something which is evidenced in repetitive sequences of movement, in the looping and reversal of movements, and in rhythms and circular movement patterns. Caeyers also take the opportunity to get close the audience, and uses (among other things) the gaze as a choreographic tool.


This circular installation becomes a must-see with its vibrant colours, its movements and music, and its open invitation to enjoy the choreography from different angles and at their own leisure.