Rom for dans

18. October - Kl 10.00

19. October - Kl 10.30

20. October - Kl 10.30

21. October - Kl 09.00

22. October - Kl 10.00

25. October - Kl 10.00

26. October - Kl 10.30

27. October - Kl 10.30

28. October - Kl 10.30

29. October - Kl 10.00

In collaboration with PRODA professional dance training we look forward to offering many physical tasters from artists in this years festival.

It will be a varied programme of morning classes ans creative workshops from teachers and choreographers for the whole of the period 18-29th October.
We welcome Amie Mbye, Carl Aquilizan, Cocoon Dance, Roza Moshtaghi and Trine Lise Moe, Jean Baptiste Baele and Geir Hytten.

The classes are open for professional dancers. Drop-in.
For members of PRODA the classes are free as part of the membership, for foreign artists and visitors the non-members fee is 100 NOK for classes and 200 NOK for workshops. Payment happens at the location.


Workshop – Amie Mbye
Amie Mbye is a Norwegian-Gambian dance artist based in Oslo. She works between Oslo, Paris and Dakar. Amie works as a performer a co-creator/collaborator in various artistic contexts and constellations. She has both participated in and created projects spanning from site-specific interactive performances to works for the stage, presented both nationally and internationally. Amie holds a BA from Høyskolen for Dansekunst in Oslo (2019), with a degree in dance and choreographic thinking. Furthermore, Amie has 8 years dance experience dancing African aesthetic dance in Tabanca Dance Ensemble, a dipoma in African Contemporary Dance from École des Sables in Senegal (2018), and training in different African Street dance styles (Afrohouse, Ndombolo, Coupe Decale), House and Hiphop.

In this workshop we will work with movement through different improvisation tasks. The different tasks will be based off of movement, text or music, giving a grame for creative self-expression, emphasizing our own individual movement styles. The workshop is based on tasks from the process of the project HORDE, by Ingri Fiksdal and Solveig Styve Holte.

Classes – Carl Aquilizan
Carl Aquilizan trained at Spin Off Forstudium i Dans (2014-2015) and at Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, Englad (2015-2018). He has choreographed for various platforms including Burst (Yorkshire Dance), Dans/5, Vin og Valsen, Mind the Gap and Koreografilaboratiet at Dansens Hus Oslo. Carl works freelance as choreographer and performer in different proejcts, and alongside his own work he has collaborated with Francesco Svaetta, Katrine Kirsebom, Kyuja Bae, Daniel Lukehurst (UK) and Martijn Jolin (NL/NO). He is a participant in Tekstlab Inkubator, and is currently developing the project dis_func and the solowork Flower boy.

The classes will be drawing on Carl Aquilizan’s movement practice and material from current and past projects, particularly the solo project Flower boy. The practice draws inspiration from release based work, butoh and Tai Chi. The class will focus on improvisation using imagery to find transformative and meditative experiences. Classes begin with warm up exercises that concentrate on centering and grounding. We will then move on to exploratory improvisation work alone or with a partner, that will encourage space to play and to embrace all expressions.

Workshop around CocoonDance Working methods  

The choreographer Rafaële Giovanola will inductively share the tools used to create two different pieces of the repertoire and collected in our CocoonDance MoveAPP. 

  1.  Momentum: warm-up: the movements—pulsating and the exhaustion of repetition—are  central for those tasks. This idea will accompany the work in diverse modalities, always  working and pulsing, bouncing, and considering the transformations afterwards caused in the body.  
  2. Hybridity: composition: the base of the movements has been created through a research  with Muay Thai Boxing for the work of the legs and a study of Les Sylphides for the Torso. Creating a new body what we call: The unthought Body. 

Swiss-born Rafaële Giovanola was a soloist in Turin before being brought to the Frankfurt  Ballet by William Forsythe for the duration of eight years. After this, she worked with Pavel  Mikuláštik’s Choreographical Theatre, with Bonn as the last station. She is the founder and  artistic director of CocoonDance with dramaturge Rainald Endraß. Since 2000 she created  over 40 full lengh evenings. CocoonDance has established itself as a dance-arts institution  with an extensive network not only within the artistic world, but also in the field of cultural  education.


Workshop – Roza Moshtaghi og Trine Lise Moe
LIMBO depicts a collage of patterns in a loop. A landscape made of repeated motifs, movements, and sounds in play. A pattern is a regularity in the world. Broken and repeated patterns create rhythm. Merging with the rhythm, the pattern appears flat.
In this workshop, Roza Moshtaghi and Trine Lise Moe (performer) will share some of the movement patterns from the performance Limbo. The movement patterns are inspired by geometric shapes of the common textile patterns as The hound’s tooth has lace, honeycomb, and a milk snake’s skin.

Roza Moshtaghi is a choreographer and performer based in Oslo. Her works deal with the unexplained narratives of desire generated through adapting or reacting to systems/structures. Questions of how she, buildings, streets, fiction, nature, events, bodies, and objects, in general, take part in this alteration have been crucial to most of her work. She presents her work internationally and continues developing projects with other artists, both as a collaborator and performer.
Her most recent performances are; LIMBO(2020), HOOP(2020), Bouncing Narratives(2019), Only Forever(2018), Flinch(2017), Water graffiti(2016).

Trine Lise Moe is an Oslo-based freelance dancer and performer. She graduated from KHiO (Oslo National Academy Of The Arts) in June 2016. After her graduation, Trine Lise worked with Oslo Danse Ensemble and joined their production «ODE 2016» – presenting works by Subjazz and Ole Martin Meland. Trine Lise has been engaged as a performer and a co-creative dancer for various choreographers and artists such as Lise Nordal, Christopher Arouni, Inés Belli, Simone Grøtte, Pearla Pigao, Ingri Fiksdal, and more. She has also collaborated with Fredrik Petrov and Jonathan Ibsen in 2020, creating the performance VEGGEN. In recent years, Trine Lise Moe has established a close collaboration with the choreographer Roza Moshaghi.


Klasse – Jean-Baptiste Baele
Jean-Baptiste is a dance artist from Belgium. Coming from both hip-hop and Contemporary backgrounds, Jean-Baptiste puts his interest into different forms of movements. His studies at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance led him to have a special bond with dynamics within his movements. Jean-Baptiste’s work is characterized by its physicality, surprising changes of dynamics and complexe movement research.

Threading is a breakdance subgenre that hip-hop and contemporary dancers have investigated, destructured and deepened to make it the complex movement research that it is now. Through drills and improvisations, we will be exploring the three fundamental elements of threading, Tracing,Fixed Point and Threads. Throughout the class we will be learning the style’s basic moves to build a strong base of your understanding of it

Workshop – Geir Hytten
Geir Hytten holds a Master in Dance performance from Laban and has studied Human Geography at the University of Oslo. In London he worked with Punchdrunk in various projects over a decade, playing Macbeth in the original cast of “Sleep no more”, New York and Shanghai. Other companies include Vincent Dance Theatre, The Cholmondeleyes and The Featherstonehaughs, Frantic Assembly, Frauke Requardt, Coisceim, National Theatre (London) and Complicite.
In Norway he has been a part of Jo Strømgren Company since 2011. He has danced with Impure Company, Ulf Nilseng, Kjersti Engebretsen, Simone Grøtte, Katrine Kirsebom, Laterna, Karstein Solli, De Naive, Mia Habib, and is employed by SKUDA (the Alliance for Actors and Dancers).
Alongside Marie Bergby Handeland, he choreographed and performed in “Vi synger” (2016). Other previous productions include “YOUR FAN” (2018), “hello brother: stage-screen-stripped” (2019-2020) and “grief will be our companion” (2021) which premiers during CODA Dancefest 2021.

Timeless body
In this workshop we will look at how we can organise our own body to function as an independent ecosystem. We will explore how both visible and invisible physical textures play a role in this symbiotic relationship. We will use techniques inspired by the soil component humus, letting movements live and die in an eternal ciclical dance, which is both a beautiful and violent process. We will also look at how this personal ecosystem can be organised in relation to other bodies, present or imagined, to approach embodiment that spans beyond the moment of a timeless body.