Sentimental Secrets

The Villa

11. October - Kl 22.00

Uotinen Magnifique! Uotinen has a beautiful deep sensual voice, which in these numbers suits the temperature of songs and music perfectly

Henning Høholt, Kulturkompasset

The great Finnish choreographer and dancer Jorma Uotinen presents another side of himself. In the dramatic cabaret concert Sentimental Secrets he interprets amongst others Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich and Kurt Weil.

The artist makes a journey in a world of shattered dreams and sings about love, longing and life illusions. The orchestra consists of pianist Jari Hakkarai, accordeonist Petri Ikkelä and cellist Helena Paavola.

Sentimental secrets is a journey through Berlin and Paris – A la recherches d´un amour perdu – tracing back my steps in time . All I do is think about You and the love I left behind – Jorma Uotinen

Jorma Uotinen started as a dancer in Finnish National Ballet and in 1976 Carolyn Carlson asked him to join her company GRTOP in Paris Opera. After five years with Carlson Uotinen returned to Finland and took over the Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company. 1992-2001 he was appointed as the artistic director for Finnish National ballet. Nowadays he works as free-lance choreographer/performer and as an Artistic director for Kuopio Dance Festival. Beside the dance Uotinen has performed in several theater productions and