Sisters 11 years later

Bærum Kulturhus

28. October - Kl 19.00

29. October - Kl 19.00

In 2003 Haugen Productions created Sisters


A hit with audiences, the work was shown 180 times and was seen by more than 25,000 people of all ages throughout Norway. Sisters 11 years later is the independent sequel.

Since the previous work, the sisters’ mother has passed away and their aunts are marked by age. 11 years later the sisters Liv Hanne and Anne Katrine are still dancing, and ask themselves and their five remaining aunts; how is life now? How has the meeting with death – through the loss of a mother and a sister – affected them? The wish to once again meet their colorful aunts on film, coupled with a desire to pull into focus death, aging and loss as a challenging but nonetheless natural part of life, drives the Haugen sisters to portray the next chapter about sisterhood and close relationships, inspired by their own family. The performance consists of film, installation-art, music, text and dance.

«The whole thing is so masterly done, and I don’t remember if I was breathing during the whole performance. I just remember that something took a firm grip of my heart and held me tight…» Helle Østvik, Finnmark Dagblad.

The performance premiered at Dansens Hus Norway, Friday 9 May 2014. It has also been performed in Tromsø, Hammerfest and Sandnes in Norway and Umeå in Sweden.