When Clarity Visits

The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet

23. October - Kl 20.00

24. October - Kl 14.00

24. October - Kl 20.00

WHEN CLARITY VISITS is a dance performance that goes in search after the child within. How does this child within shape you as an adult, and how does it influence your life today? Is it comforting? Or perhaps rather haunting?

This new, commissioned work provides an expressive dance experience in the conjunction between the choreographic team Weizman and Havers and Carte Blanches physically strong and technically advanced dancers. Through a visually exiting set design, new composed music and the Norwegian designer Siv Støldal’s personal approach to the dancers clothing, mental processes are transformed to physical dance expressions.

The Inner Child is a concept used in psychology to denote the childlike, independent aspect of the psyche and memories from the childhood.

Memories are an evasive matter. Trying to capture it generates strong imagery and intense emotions, an emotional rollercoaster and a visual pleasure! – Guy Weizman