Rom for Dans

27. September - Kl 10.00

28. September - Kl 10.00

29. September - Kl 10.00

30. September - Kl 10.00

28. October - Kl 10.00

Carlos Cortizo (Nürnberg)
Dancer, teacher, choreographer

At last he was at the Statetheater Nuremberg and worked with Jean Renshaw,William Forsythe and Rui Horta. Before he has been at the Theater of Heidelberg under the direction of Liz King and at the Theater of Hagen under the direction of Richard Wherlock. He was guestdancer at the Opera Wuppertal, the Theater of Augsburg and Kaiserslautern. In Brasil he worked at the operas in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and with the choreographer Maurice Béjart. He practiced his teaching and choreographing work in Brasil, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. He is guest teacher at the Theaters in Kassel, Braunschweig, Oldenburg, Saarbrücken, Schwerin, at the Theaters iHeidelberg, Gießen, Nordhausen and Hildesheim, in the Produktions zentrum Stuttgart, the Tanzhaus in Düsseldorf and in the Choreografisches Zentrum in Essen.

Since 1998 the in Nurenberg living free choreographer creates under the name Carlos Cortizo Tanzprojekt? dance works with multimedial elements. He was choreographer at the State Theater Kiel, at the City Theaters Hildesheim and Gießen and at the City Theater Fürth/Kulturforum. The videoproductions of his choreographies Ansichtssache (point of view) and Fließend wie Wasser (flow like water) were accepted at the archives of the Jiri Kylian Foundation in Prague and at the Deutsches Tanzarchiv in Cologne. He is the winner of the award Kulturpreis der Stadt Nürnberg of 2006, Curator of the Duettbiennalle in 2009, Curator of the Videobiennalle in 2010

Workshop description

“Choreographic Development”
The focus of the workshop is to develop independent choreographic thinking, the extension of one’’s own movement language. Within various tasks that arise in individual studies and Group work will be held, should be targeted in the creative work Dealing with limited resources should be encouraged. These include Designing in limited space and working within a given time frame.

An important aspect of my workshop is to work in a very organic way and give the freedom to develop own ideas. It is a mental and physical challenge at the same time. There is no improvisation at the workshop, the members need to know what they develop and have to be able to prove that in a presentation.