Welcome to CODA warmupfest vol.2!

We look forward to welcoming audiences and artists to share new dance experiences – big and small –in the streets, behind the curtains and via live streaming from Hong Kong. We also look forward to introducing new names and new collaborations.

This year’s artists will challenge the boundaries of on-stage dancing and present stories from lives marked by physical disabilities and a lust for freedom – giving us all the chance to experience something new, provocative and entertaining.

Due to the changes we are all affected by, this year’s festival has changed its plans and altered its course. Focusing on the various formats in which dance can be experienced and the venues being used, we put on display a ‘dance about town’ – in modes both abstract and absurd, and everywhere in between.

At Bærum Kulturhus we’ll get to go behind the scenes and experience the scent and sound of movement. At a safe distance, of course. Accompanied by a film director, we will watch the dance company PassoverDance via a live-streamed performance from Hong Kong.

In collaboration with Vega Scene, Truls Foss and Sofie Amiri have put together a film programme with the theme “on-screen movement”. To illustrate the wide-spanning definitions afforded to dance and movement today, these are movies not ordinarily thought of as typical ‘dance’ movies. Each film will be preceded by a short film about dance.

During the festival, seminars and workshops will place dance in a broader perspective. In collaboration with The Goethe-Institut there will be a full-day seminar on projects involving youths and the positive effects thereof. Talks and conversations about diversity and the inclusion of disabled dancers – as well as on the digital opportunities offered stage art today – will also be held.

Hoping the contrasts between the physical and the digital will encourage reflection on the times we live in, we hereby invite you to take part in CODA warmupfest vol. 2, 10-14 October.

Stine Nilsen,
Artistic director



The safety of the audience, volunteers and staff is our priority. The festival follows all the recommendations of the government and Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Please maintain a distance of at least one metre during the performances. In case of symptoms, stay home. Thank you.


The Fits + Silent Gestures

Vega scene / Vega 2

8. October - Kl 19.00


Working with physical change

Suzie’s story - an interactive seminar

PRODA / Rom for Dans

9. October - Kl 12.30


Hairspray + All it gives

Vega Scene

9. October - Kl 19.00

Performance Performance

Performances in the city

Lise Nordal, Det Elektriske Korps and Karianne Andreassen

Oslo City

10. October - Kl 12.00


Cinematic Dance Performances

A panel discussion

VEGA scene, salongen

10. October - Kl 16.00


Ema + The Venusian Slip

Vega scene / Vega 2

10. October - Kl 18.30

Performance Performance

Maze: Shifting Boundaries



11. October - Kl 12.00


Introduction: Choreography in Film + Tenet

Vega scene / Vega 1

11. October - Kl 17.30


PRODA Workshop 12-16 October

Daniel Mariblanca and Maria Terese Kittilsen

PRODA / Rom for Dans

12. October - Kl 10.15

13. October - Kl 10.15

14. October - Kl 10.15

15. October - Kl 10.15

16. October - Kl 10.15


Dance for life

A seminar about artistic participatory projects in a larger societal perspective. SOLD OUT!

VEGA scene, salongen

12. October - Kl 09.30


Candoco artist’ talk

Whose stage is it? A conversation about inclusion and artistic innovation SOLD OUT!

Bærum Kulturhus

13. October - Kl 18.00


Paradise Bois: A sensorial lecture!

Sindri Runudde SOLD OUT!

Bærum Kulturhus

13. October - Kl 19.30

Work in progress

NORMAL Research

Maria Terese Høgåsen Kittilsen and Daniel Mariblanca. SOLD OUT!

Bærum Kulturhus

14. October - Kl 17.30

Performance Performance

Ways of Doing

DEED - Suzie Davies and Mattias Ekholm SOLD OUT!

Bærum Kulturhus

14. October - Kl 18.30


Avholdes 20.-30.oktober. Festivalprogram lanseres våren 2021.