NORMAL Research – a work in progress showing for everyone

Intimacy, pain and beauty. By Maria Terese Høgåsen Kittilsen and Daniel Mariblanca

NORMAL Research is an artistic collaboration inspired by topics surrounding disability and sexuality, produced by 71Bodies, with co-production and support from Carte Blanche, DansiT and CODA Oslo International Dance Festival. The aim is to explore intimacy, pain, beauty standards and visibility, while questioning normative structures and accessibility.

Throughout the research process we will collect diverse voices and stories. These stories, together with our own lived experiences, will create the fundamentals for developing our artistic approaches and strategies.

Presentation – The artists

Daniel Mariblanca was born in Barcelona 38 years ago. Since 2016 he has been based in Norway, working with Carte Blanche – as well as developing his own company, 71Bodies.

Maria Terese Kittilsen is a dance artist from Norway, specialized in teaching and training for dancers with disabilities. She is herself living with an invisible disability.

Ursula Kaufmann is a filmmaker based in Barcelona. Through her work she seeks to help those collectives who do not enjoy the benefits and privileges inherent in heteropatriarchal society.