Accessibility during the festival

CODA is keen to be a festival for everyone, including those who need a little extra preparation. We work with established venues in Oslo and the surrounding area with good accessibility in most places. Unfortunately, there will be some restrictions on certain performances. All our shows will have availability information both in the catalog and on the website.

If you have special needs or questions related to accessibility, it is good if you contact us in advance of the festival search. This is so that we can give you the information you need and arrange it in the best possible way. Email achy@codadancefest.

Companion certificate: People with a companion certificate go free. The person being accompanied buys a ticket. Companion(s) can sit together. Send an e-mail to to receive a companion ticket.


Dansens Hus

The halls are adapted for wheelchair users and ticket sales take place at a sunken counter.

If you come by car and need to park, it is easiest to park at Vulkan P-Hus. The car park has reserved HC spaces, and there is a lift down to the ground floor.

If you are going to be dropped off by car, it is easiest to do this at our administration entrance at the Vulkan/Møllerveien intersection. From there it is approx. 30 meters to the main entrance.

Hand sanitizer is available in the foyer.

Unfortunately, the halls do not have a telephone loop.



There is step-free access to our events and toilets. We do not have free parking spaces for the public.

If you need transport directly to and from BLÅ, we recommend using one of the many taxis available in Brenneriveien. About 20 meters from the taxi stand to the front door.



The Norwegian Opera and Ballet has a limited number of wheelchair spaces. Places are only sold over the phone or at the ticket office.

There are three disabled parking spaces in Operagaten, approx. 150 meters from the marble bridge to the Opera.

The halls have a telephone loop.