This year’s anniversary merch

«There is no recipe for dancing. One arm here, one arm there, you got this. You are dance»

For this year’s 20th anniversary, we wanted to make something special for all our CODA friends. We therefore collaborated with the artist and writer Victoria Margrethe Bencsik on the design, and now you can become a lucky owner of this year’s CODA merch.

In collaboration with the studio 10/10, the ideas were transferred from pen and paper to selected clothing products. Everyone can see and buy the products via 10/10’s online store. There are also physical sales before and after our performances during the festival. We have produced a limited edition.

The profit from the sale will go to “Safe Residencies” by SafeMuse. You can read more about it here



The first thought that came to mind was how much freedom lies in dance. We are all unique which makes your movements unique, and no one can really tell you that the way you move is wrong or right. Also, people should really dance more often because it will have a positive impact on your life.

Victoria Margrethe Bencsik