‘Dancer scores in Oslo’ – Studio show


13. October - Kl 18.00

Get a unique insight into the choreographic process of 12 professional and non-professional dancers from Finland and Norway.

‘Others don’t know
What they define is too slow
I cannot glow
if I go so low’

Experience an open and relaxed performance with a group of dancers from Dissimilis and X-Ray in a meeting with the Finnish choreographer Janina Rajakangas and dancers from Finland.

Through four days of workshops with Janina’s scores (instructions for movement) based on the performance Dancer, 12 professional and non-professional dancers’ rhythms and movements become an exciting polyphony.

The performance has it premiere during this year’s CODA and examines how physical expression can survive exclusive and limiting structures in society.

Some of the dancers are seen as neurodiverse, and the needs and lived experience of neurodiversity provide inspiration for the choreographic process.