Dancing personal stories

VEGA scene

25. October - Kl 18.00

26. October - Kl 14.00

And Who Shall Go to the Ball?

With composer Scott Walker setting the scene for a sinister and primal ball, Rafael Bonachela’s choreography cuts through the space, pushing the dancers into extreme connections, entangled in each other’s bodies, throwing their partners into flight, only to catch and grab and throw again and again and again.

This piece was created in 2007, and was re-created for film in 2010. Shown with kinds permission from Scott Walker’s agency, Rafael Bonachela and Candoco Dance Company.

Duration: 22 min

Spoken Unspoken

Candoco Dance Company’s Unspoken Spoken, directed and choreographed by Fin Walker, exposes the potential in daring to challenge the rules. A captivating story told through BSL, voice and movement, Unspoken Spoken is performed by a cast of disabled and non-disabled dancers. Some younger, some older, they ask us to look deeper, to explore our own boundaries.

Premiere: July 16, 2018

Direction and choreography: Fin Walker, music and sound: Ben Park & Park, music producer: Janie Valentine, executive producer for The Space: Helen Spencer, film director: Ross MacGibbon, dancers: Julie Cleves, Dan Daw, Jessica Dowdeswell, Thomasin Gulgeç, Jemima Hoadley, Roberta Pitre.

Commissioned by The Space with support from Arts Council England and BBC.

Duration 17 min

Blind Dancer

The visually impaired librarian Lisa loves dancing and sneaks off to dance between the bookshelves and in her office. But Lisa does not feel free in her own body, and director Maria challenges her to rediscover herself, her own body and her sensuality through her meeting with the visually impaired dancer Said Gharbi. A mix of fiction, stop frame animation and documentary.

 Director Maria Lloyd trained at the International School of Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Since then, she has been creating dance films and visual theatre. She specializes in creating poetic portraits for the screen. Her experience of working extensively with teams of artists has led her to find a personal film language where art forms meet and challenge each other. Living in England for 13 years, her films were commissioned and distributed by South East Dance Agency and Euroarts in Berlin. She now lives and works as a film-maker in Oslo.

Duration 22 min

Space In-Between: A film about resistance & otherness

By Jay Gearing and Kate Marsh

‘This film is an artistic response to an 18-month program of work which included 24 artists exploring ideas of otherness in their creative practice. Our aim is to highlight the ideas and conversations of the artists and to privilege their voices and experiences. This film is for them and about them and all the other artists occupying the messy spaces and edges of the arts sector.’

This film has come out Arts Council England’s  Change Maker program. This targeted senior leadership training and development programme is about increasing the diversity of senior leadership in art and culture by helping to develop a cohort of leaders who are Black, minority ethnic and/or disabled.

 Duration 20 min