Hip hop and the stage

Bærum Kulturhus

23. October - Kl 15.45

Hip hop and the stage – Nordic and international perspectives

15:45-17:00 Panel discussion Hip hop and theatre in Norway/a Norwegian perspective

17:30-18:45 Panel discussion Hip hop and theatre internationally and as a political voice

This is a free event. Registration needed.

Urban dance and hip hop are sometimes described as the most contemporary dance there is, a living expression of what the dancers executing it is engaged with. It is a fugitive art form and a rebel, as modern dance once was in relation to ballet. Yet it is still restricted today in the realm of contemporary dance. Contemporary dance is reserved for art forms operating inside certain exclusive contexts, e.g. institutional theatres, and within certain funding streams. Hip hop has not been fully enveloped into this exclusive structure.
What kind of frictions emerge? What kind of possibilities do we have?

We have invited both national and international voices from the hip hop scene, but also artist experienced with the transition from the street aspect of hip hop over into institutions and stages.
The first debate looks at conditions for hip hop in Norway, and the second debate puts it on an international level. The participants represent different cultural aspects of the hip hop/urban scene, with a broad experience in hip hop and how the interaction occurs with contemporary dance.

15.45 – 17.00

Sigrid Øvreås Svendal, moderator
General Manager, Dance Information Norway

Chriz Nypan
Cre-8 Dance Crew, MAWU, Mud session

Belinda Braza
Artistic Director, choreographer, producer

Maria Ima Karlsen
Cre-8 Dance Crew

17.30 – 18.45

Belinda Braza, moderator

Anne Nguyen (FR)
Artistic Director Compagnie par Terre

Thomas Talawa Prestø
Artistic Director Tabanka Dance Ensemble

Sean Graham (UK)
Foreign Bodies Orchestra

Mathias Jin Budtz
Kingswings Crew / Subsdans / dEEp doWN dopEiZM / Soul Sessions Oslo