Loss – Layers

Dansens Hus

9. October - Kl 18.00

10. October - Kl 18.00

11. October - Kl 18.00

12. October - Kl 18.00

A multi-sensorial experience, animalistic, catching and submerging.

On his return from Japan, Villa Kujoyama Grant in Kyoto at the end of 2006, Fabrice Planquette began to work on 30-minutes modules, in collaboration with choreographers and dancers Yum Keiko Takayama and Yoko Higashino (who is visiting CODA with her company Baby-Q as well). Loss – Layers are the two first parts of a trilogy yet to come which questions a situation of hypnotic loss. From an intimate stage, an indoor landscape grows and transforms. The fragile dancer is lit up only by a video projection, coming out of the experience haunted or contaminated by the electronic music of noise, dedicated to both electro-rock and dance scene audiences.

Fabrice Planquette is artistic director of the section A.lter S.essio. He is also a composer in a range of recognizable styles; experimental electronic, cinematic ambient, collage, field recordings. Open to performing arts working on spectral and infiltration sounds from electronics-acoustics materials, reflecting urban or intimated spaces using music as a visual art. In the meantime, he is creating his own video sets (Loss & Layers). Since 1997, he has collaborated with UNCorporated, So Weiter (Fr), Pal Frenak (Hu), Eric Languet (Fr) and Yoko Higashino, Baby-Q Dance Company (Jp). He was awarded the 2006 Villa Kujoyama grant in Kyoto (French Ministry of Culture and Foreign Affairs).