The importance of identity in art


25. October - Kl 09.00

KOREOGRAFI is an anthology consisting of texts written by artist active within the field of dance and choreography in the Nordic contries. It is founded and edited by Venke Marie Sortland, Ann-Christin Kongsness and Solveig Styve Holte. It is also an ongoing series of conversations where questions from the texts in the anthology is activated and discussed live.

In our work with ‘Koreografi’ we try to lift diverse voices whose perspectives are yet to be heard in the conversation about dance and choreography.

How to make structural change and redistribute power in the arts that last longer than a season? To activate this conversation in collaboration with CODA we have invited a panel of artist and curators to discuss questions of power and representation in the arts, and the importance of identity.


Valborg Frøysnes actor and new artistic Director of Kilden Theater in Kristiansand

Sonya Lindfors choreographer and artistic director of UrbanApa and Maryam Abdulkarim writer and activist, together they have created the performance and gathering “We Should All Be Dreaming”

Stine Nilsen, Artistic Director CODA Oslo International Dance Festival

Cassius Fadlabi and Karin Erixon, directors at Khartoum Contemporary Art Center.

Moderator: Solveig Styve Holte, editorial team Koreografi