The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet - Foyer

21. October - Kl 13.00

22. October - Kl 13.00

23. October - Kl 13.00

This is an installation with live performances and it will be part of the #codadancefest19 program of free performances.

(Un)touched presents two performers under glass. The work takes inspiration from artist Do-Ho Suh’s ‘Floor’ (1997), where the visitor is invited to walk on a glass surface under which there are many small figures. This act highlights a dialectic between abused power and the power of human collective action. We re-imagine this dialogue as a live event where a sense of precariousness is derived from the situation those present find themselves in.

‘An intimate, close experience – I lay down to get closer … Breath, contact, ease of movement … Thank you for the wonderful experience’.
‘With so much going on in the city outside, this precious moment of acute awareness to how we are here seemed necessary and vibrant.’ 

Audience members

Choreographer Angela Woodhouse and sculptor Nathaniel Rackowe draw on their respective histories in creating innovative installation works. Intrinsic to their research has been Angela’s concern with the potency of near touch and Nathaniel’s interest in the fabric of the city.

This performance is presented in collaboration with Den Norske Opera & Ballett