Candoco Dance Company – Workshop

Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

13. October - Kl 10.30

The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to connect with themselves, their bodies and each other, and establish an accessible and bespoke way of working together. Dancers Joel Brown, Olivia Edginton and Megan Armishaw will lead participants through creative explorations and support the embodiment and ownership of set material from Candoco’s repertoire.



Candoco Dance Company is a world-leading professional inclusive dance company continually expanding perceptions of what dance can be. Established in 1991, Candoco is based in the UK and tours around the world.


Workshopen under CODA 2022 er presentert i samarbeid med ZAMEK Culture Center i Poznan, Polen, for prosjektet ‘Obecność / Presence’. Obecność / Presence» er støttet av Island, Liechtenstein og Norway Grants, gitt gjennom EØS-fondene.