Elle Sofe Sara

Existing work ready for touring:

«Savvon/ I heal» kan defineres som en hendelse, rituale eller kunstbegivenhet hvor det å være sammen i bevegelse og joik helbreder. Et koreografert utendørs arrangement hvor alle (inkludert publikum) er delaktig. Verket vil utvikles år for år og kan variere i størrelse og kompleksitet.

«Vástádus eana/ The answer is land»
Community and kinship between people, with nature and with the earth we all share, are the main themes of Vástádus eana/ The answer is land.
 The choreography is inspired by demonstrations, Sami spiritual practices and formation dance. Written specially for the performance by composer and professor of yoik, Frode Fjellheim, the polyphonic yoik works as a supportive pillar throughout the work.


Elle Sofe Sara is a choreographer, director and filmmaker. Sara’s work expands upon seemingly mundane, often overlooked areas of Sámi physicality—unspoken rituals that have escaped the vice grip of colonialism. Sara uncovers a space in which the past and the present coincide. While her choreography is known for its playful approach, she also delves into taboo subjects such as trauma, abuse, and suicide. As an Indigenous artist, Sara seeks to create work that resonates as strongly for her community as it does for the art world.