Cosmetic demons: a choreographic salon

Den Norske Opera & Ballett

11. October - Kl 18.30

12. October - Kl 19.00

Welcome to the hair salon where your inner demons find release, and staged intimacy and gossip unfold.

‘Cosmetic demons’ brings the audience into the hair salon, where gossip, emotions, and intimate confessions are brought to light in a playful, visually captivating, and wildly imaginative manner.

Instead of mirrors, three dancers now stand in front of the chairs. Joined by three professional hairdressers and three clients, an extravagant, cosmetic transformation is performed. The artistic concept explores the salon as a space, and its intimate nature, with the relationship between hairdresser and client at its core.


‘Cosmetic demons’ is inspired by an ancient meditation and therapy method, called “feeding your demons”, centered around nurturing and befriending ones inner demons, allowing them to surface rather than oppressing them.

Choreographer Sindri Runudde has once again dived into the realm of curiosity, playfully exploring and embracing the human senses, particularly the 666th sense – the blood-curdling sense of humor…

Join us for a visually striking and spectacular performance where dreams and imagination intersect with complex experiences from reality.

About the choreographer:


Swedish choreographer and dancer Sindri Runudde combines dance with experience from contemporary circus art. Known for transcending the traditional dance field by weaving together elements of sound, visual art, and storytelling. Runudde approaches the exploration of the human body’s various senses with curiosity, often with a queer perspective.

From 2024, Runudde collaborates with CODA as part of the EU project Europe Beyond Access.