19. October - Kl 20.00

An explosive counter-reaction, born out of necessity!
“Both Hip-hop and the New-norwegian language are born from oppression and was a reaction to sosioeconomic  differences and cultural exclusion.
They have become powerful platforms and catalysts for change, by the people- for the people.”

Many would probably think that Hiphop and New-norwegian are an unlikely meeting!

But that is the core of this performance- a necessary crash!

In “HYBRID” we follow 4 individuals in their search for belonging.

“As the title claims- this performance communicates through an extensive and playful use of theatrical elements.  Get ready to be submurged in an immersive and colourful experience!”“Hybrid” means, among other things, to be “composed of several elements”.



Who belongs where? What references do we have in common? What separates us?

In its most negative form, this creates conflict and distance.

In its most positive form, this creates new world-expanding bridge-building languages and cultures!

Are there room for more nuances?

Can we make way as a “Hybrid” form?
Welcome to an explosive, musical, and physical experience, which invites the audience directly into the heart of the identity- quest!