I got places to go, right?

Dansens Hus

26. September - Kl 20.00

27. September - Kl 20.00

28. September - Kl 20.00

Kreutzerkompani was founded in 2000 by the choreographer Eva-Cecilie Richardsen and video-artist HC Gilje. Richardsen’s company-related work began with Demodans in 1997, and after 10 years comprises 20 large-scale dance works.

The production I got places to go, right? has been subjected to several rounds of development, and will be presented in its entirety during the Coda festival. The first work-in-progress version of the production was presented at Black Box Teater in December 2006, to be subsequently further developed in 2007. The choreographer uses her own term “choreographic discord” to contextualise the work with movement/space/sound.

Kreutzerkompani in 2006 was awarded the Oktoberdans prize for the production Irre. Irre has been referred to as one of Kreutzerkompaniet’s best productions by both spectators and critics.

“Strangely wonderful.”
Silje Birgitte Folkedal, Bergensavisen