21. October - Kl 21.00

Leahkit means “to be present” in the North Sami language, a physical, emotional and spiritual state that has become a luxury item in a time focused primarily on multi-tasking.

Hansegård and Vassvik have delved into their respective trance traditions in dance and music, which were silenced by Norwegianisation and christianisation. Leahkit is a unique meeting of Norwegian folk dance and joik that cultivates the journey between different forms of presence.

Hallgrim Hansegård founded FRIKAR in 2006 to give Norwegian folk dance more artistic freedom. His work has toured in 30 countries and in 2013 he won the silver Prix Italia award. He has learned from the old masters, dusted off rare scriptures and is ever seeking knowledge about people and new forms of collaboration.

Torgeir Vassvik is one of Norway’s most prominent joikers. He represents continuity and renewal in the transmission of coastal Sami music, in a well-working combination of Eastern and Western elements.