Baba Bar, Hausmannsgate 8

21. October - Kl 11.00

Oct 14, 11 AM-12:30 PM, Baba Bar

“We have a unique opportunity to ‘play each other better’,” Belinda Braza stated in the summary that encapsulates #Let’sTalkAboutDance – an interview series initiated by Panta Rei Dance Theatre in collaboration with Norwegian Dance Artists and Dance Information Norway. The aim is to ensure a vibrant and sustainable dance field in the years to come. Braza was one of the many dance artists who were interviewed during 2022 to share their thoughts on what needs to be done to develop the field and its infrastructure.

During this year’s festival, together with Panta Rei Dance Theatre, we invite you to a brunch conversation for the performing arts community on Sat, Oct 14, from 11 AM to 12:30 PM, in an informal style at the new Baba Bar. In a dialogue with Grace Tabea Tenga, we explore how to create platforms for community in the field. How do we navigate as a group and as individuals in a dance field that encompasses various genres and backgrounds? Come and contribute to uplifting each other!

When the Disabled Body Takes Significance
Oct 21, 11 AM-12 PM, Baba Bar

In the performing arts, disabilities are often present as an absence (what is not visible) but also at times as an addition (bringing forth or highlighting something else, something more significant).

However, this is not the case in Claire Cunningham’s work: Disability is present as an experience, as a symbol, but also corporeally, both decisive and important.

She will be in dialogue with newly appointed Director of Det Norske Teater Kjersti Horn, author and Fritt Ord prize wrinner Jan Grue, and researcher Halvor Hanisch. Drawing from Cunningham’s work, the panel will discuss the political and artistic significance of the disabled body.

Arrival, mingling, coffee/tea, hummus/bread

Introduction with Halvor Hanisch

Reflections on the performance Thank You Very Much, from the perspective of both a director and a disabled person, with Kjersti Horn

Conversation with Claire Cunningham and Jan Grue, Halvor Hanisch and Kjersti Horn