Paradise Bois: A sensorial lecture!

About sound and love and the human voice’s ability to touch.

Bærum Kulturhus

13. October - Kl 19.30

In this solo performance by Sindri Runudde, we encounter five bois in five metaphoric dating scenarios. The show deals with auditory romance and love at first frequency. It is an exploration of sound, and especially the voice as (a means of) touch. Through dance, dialogue and movement exercises, the audience is treated to a sensual and sensory lecture with humour, imagination and sensitivity.

Sindri Runudde is a Swedish, internationally based dancer and choreographer. Sindri’s work covers various fields including sound art, visual art and performance. As a choreographer they have created “Vända och vrida” for Stockholm City Theatre, “The Fishing Dance” touring across Sweden and Europe, “Blind Boi Diaries”, a co-created autobiography touring Sweden, and “Golvet/Blå Kongo” – an interactive sound piece premiered at the International Scene for Contemporary Dance in Stockholm, followed by a national tour.