Black Box theatre

19. October - Kl 20.00

20. October - Kl 19.00

21. October - Kl 19.00

22. October - Kl 19.00


PEER / BITCH is a matriarchal shout-out to the national epos Peer Gynt. The performance is a dark and goofy solo for a female Swedish actress. Caisa-Stina Forssberg was last seen in Pedersen’s performance I, Händel (2016). In PEER / BITCH she talks to us in Swedish, Norwegian, Svorsk and English.

On stage, we meet Caisa-Stina Forssberg in the role of PEER / BITCH, a self-centered, cynical, smooth, soft, responsive, but loose hedonist with endometriosis and gluten allergy. PEER / BITCH has high expectations for the society she criticizes but is also stuck on the internet. She has started her own YouTube channel but she can’t seem to log off.

PEER / BITCH has dry hair and smooth skin, she has problems, but also many wishes and dreams, and she willingly shares her advice. PEER / BITCH needs to be kneaded, she needs heat to grow, but not too much, then she becomes sticky and unmanageable. PEER / BITCH dates Solmund, but not exclusively. “Nobody can profit from me,” says PEER / BITCH, without us fully believing him. PEER BITCH is light and airy, she can be stretched, but needs to rest. Then he becomes wet and full of bubbles and venereal diseases. PEER BITCH is explosive, she sticks to the hands of all the men she dates. PEER / BITCH has money problems, she is considering a career as a rapper, but struggles to make ends meet.

Henriette Pedersen is a Norwegian choreographer and her work has juggled dance, theatre and visual arts since 2000.