Practical copyright in dance

Dansens Hus

26. October - Kl 15.00

27. October - Kl 12.00

Which rights do you have as a performing artist in/co-creator of a work? This course gives you first-hand knowledge of copyright and the performer’s possible ownership concerning performances. You will also get insight into how you ensure these rights are protected in your contracts. The course runs over two days and follows a practical approach, on the basis of a performance all participants will watch together. Thereafter the law will be “unrolled” from a specific and practical starting point. Course leader Dr. (PhD) Irina Eidsvold-Tøien finished her Ph.D. in intellectual property law at the University in Oslo with her thesis “Creative, performing artists”. Eidsvold-Tøien is an Associate Professor at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. Previously, she held the position as chief legal officer at TONO and has worked as a lawyer within intellectual property rights and information technology law.

Saturday 26 Oct

Participants meet and get an introduction to intellectual property rights and the plan for the course. Participants then watch the performance The Sea Within by Lisbeth Gruwez
After the performance there will be a short recap.

Sunday 27 Oct

Participants meet to discuss the performance and sort out a case (approximately 4 hours).