The Nelken Line

26. May - Kl 12.30

Join the dance on the roof of the Opera house!


Join the NELKEN – line in the streets of Oslo on Saturday May 26th at 2 pm.

In connection with the NELKEN– line dance Coda Invites you to a free workshop at the Opera where you can learn the dance from the ex -Pina Bausch dancer Dominique Dusynski. The event is open to all – young, senior, families and children.

The world renowned German choreographer Pina Bausch created the work NELKEN in 1982, describing the four seasons with simple, repetitive movements. The NELKEN-line event has been arranged around the world, and now it is time for Oslo!

You can participate in the workshop either Friday May 25that 5 om or on Saturday May 26th at 12:30 pm. Following the workshop on Saturday we take the dance into the streets of Oslo on Saturday May 26th. You can join the line at the Opera house and/or Eidsvoll plass, in front of the government building.

See all the videoes with the NELKEN line around the world


You can learn the dance from one of two free workshops at the Opera house or learn the four simple movements through this video The NELKEN-Line by Pina Bausch

Sign up to join the Nelken-line here 

Place The Norwegian Opera & Ballet
Time May 25th 17-18 or May 26that 12:30-13:30

Nelken – line

Turn up to join the Nelken-line at the Opera House roof 14:00 and at Eidsvoll plass at 14:45.

PS! CODA will produce a film from the event. This will be shared on the web site of the Pina Bausch Foundation and on the CODA web page. By participating in the project, you agree to be part of this film and allow the use of this in marketing and documentation.