Workshop Janina Rajakangas

Oslo Teatersenter

12. October - Kl 10.00

13. October - Kl 10.00

Drop-in, no registration needed. Free for PRODA member, 150kr for non-members. Pay at the workshop.

About the workshop

Janina Rajakangas will together with dancers Rinja Sartolahti and Aino Laine share tasks they have been experimenting with while building inclusive choreographic structures. They have gathered a few ways in which dance could be approached as an inclusive practice for a neurodiverse group of performers. The session will be task-based, focusing on rhythm, proximity and articulation as approaches to technique. 



People joining the workshop should be professionals in dance or theatre  either as performers, teachers or choreographers.




Janina Rajakangas is a choreographer, performer and teacher based in Helsinki. She has been offered grants for artistic work since 2017 by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Finnish Cultural Foundation. She works both with very detailed choreographic material and large-scale scores for groups.


At the core of what she does is trying to understand how dance comes from what we encounter in the everyday. “I truly believe dance is a crucial way to communicate without words. And it is in all of us. Therefore we work with a variety of performers from professionals to youth and the elderly.”


The Project’s pieces have been shown at Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Moving in November festival, Kiasma Theatre and The Place Theatre London.