‘Presence’/ Obecność

„Presence” is a performative project prepared by ZAMEK Culture Centre, Poznan, Poland, in cooperation with CODA Oslo International Dance Festival and Warsaw’s Teatr 21. It will be implemented over the next two years (2022 – 2023) thanks to the grant from the Norwegian and EEA Funds.

Premieres and performances by international and local artists will take place in Oslo, Poznan and Warsaw. Guest performances by world-renowned dance companies, works with local theatre groups, meetings with outstanding artists, workshops, dance laboratories, discussion panels and a publication with a transcript of interviews with project participants – all this will be the result of cooperation and exchange of experiences between artists from Poland and Norway. We are very pleased to be planning this series of events with three partners, two countries and several cities.

„Presence” draws on the experience of „Common Theatre” – a programme in which since 2016, Zamek have presented performances created or co-created by artists at risk of social exclusion due to disability, health, age or social status. But in the new project all partners are going one step further – in terms of both the programme and the territory and, most importantly, ideas. Together with our partners, we will attempt to renegotiate the socially established understanding of normativity in theatre. The norms concerning corporeality, both in terms of appearance as well as physical and mental ability exclude a dozen or so per cent of the population – people with disabilities or otherwise distinguished by their otherness – from active participation in culture.

The two-year project implemented by ZAMEK Culture Centre is a celebration of theatre, it is an expression of admiration for the artist and their abilities, and it shows the beauty of diversity – an immanent feature of the world. Non-normative artists remind people of their presence!

In 2022 Polish artists Katarzyna Zeglicka visit CODA Dance festival to deliver a workshop and take part in a seminar. Candoco Dance company’s visit CODA is also supported by this project.

CODA’s artistic director has been on a study visit to Zamek Cultural Centre to see the local theatre group’s performance as well as meet with artist Katarzyna Zeglicka. Zamek Cultural Centre’s Artistic Director and the project manager for ‘Presence’ visit Oslo to meet with local Norwegian artists and see work.