Roskva Yasmin Andersen

Roskva Yasmin Andersen (NO) is based in Bergen. She works in the field of contemporary dance where she creates her own work, and in collaborations with others, through landscapes of stage, film and site specific work. She wants to meet and touch an audience with a genuine human experience. We all have a body, and emotions, and the ability to express them; with both words and movement. Through the body, we can offer experiences to the performers and audiences alike, encourage asking questions and share interpretations, experiences, opinions, moments and adventures in the same space. With this in mind, she seeks to make conceptual physical dance pieces that still communicate to a larger audience regardless of background, preconditions or interests. It is not necessarily about understanding a certain intention or meaning; but experiencing, giving value to your own interpretation of what is shared.

One of Andersen’s first full scale productions, Underneath, premiered under the festival Oktoberdans 2018 by BIT teatergarasjen.

Educated from Spin Off in Oslo, Amsterdam School of the Arts, and has a Bachelor in Performing Arts, including Pedagogy, from University of Stavanger. She also did an exchange semester at Concordia University in Montreal, 2015.

Roskva Yasmin Andersen is a part of Creative Lab 2020-2021.

Cover photo by Tale Hendnes.


Photo: Emil Reiertsen