21. september - Kl 19.00

Ways of Doing is a personal exploration of invisible or hidden disability in the body of a professional dancer. Using dance and text Suzie navigates through memories, feelings and thoughts about the impact of illness on creativity. Suzie silently struggles with a chronic illness which causes permanent damage to her body and as a consequence she has started implementing the theme of invisible disability into her artistic work. With the help of her life and work partner Mattias Ekholm she explores how her condition has impacted her professional life and how acceptance plays a part in learning to find new ways of working that can still satisfy creative desires. By posing questions both to herself and to an audience she hopes to trigger contemplation around a theme that is rarely seen in dance, other than through those who are clearly visibly physically disabled. Throughout the research process we will collect diverse voices and stories. These stories, together with our own lived experiences will create the fundamentals for developing our artistic approaches and strategies.