How can we get more diversity and inclusion on the stage in Norway?


14. oktober - Kl 14.00

How can the performing arts contribute to expanding opportunities and breaking down barriers for disabled artists?
Gain knowledge and take part in an active dialogue in this seminar which contains a presentation from director Kjersti Horn and actress Ipek D.Mehlum, a panel discussion with international guests and group discussions with fresh input from the Cultural Council’s research project «Available artistry? – a knowledge project about artists with disabilities »


Dance is an activity where the body functions at the highest level. When we talk about dance and disability, there are many who can not imagine it. Whose bodies do we see on stage, and in the education system, and how does it affect who we expect to see?

We have invited several dancers and choreographers with disabilities to give us examples of how their perspective and body affect the dance they create.
We start a conversation between performers in Norway and other European countries and look at what inclusion in dance means on both a personal and a political level.


Presentation – participants

Kjersti Horn (Nationaltheatret), Ipek D. Mehlum (Teater Manu), Katarzyna Zeglicka (frilanser), Veera Suvalo Grimberg (Dansekompaniet SPINN), Joel Brown (Candoco Dance Company), Kaja Tvedten Jorem(Kulturrådet), Susanne Schneider (Beweggrund), Caroline Sprott (Dissimilis)


13:00–14:00 – Lunch
14.-14.10 – welcome and background info
14.10-14.30- keynote presentation: public visibility of performers, training and funding. Input from director Kjersti Horn and actress Ipek D. Mehlum
14.30-14.45- questions
14.45-15.00- Break and change over to panel discussion
15.00-15.45- panel discussion with independent artist Katarzyna Zeglicka, Anna Consolati representing the Europe Beyond Access- project and artistic director Veer Suvalo Grimberg from Dansekompaniet SPINN
16.00-16.15- input from Kulturrådets research project, by Katja Tvedten Jorem
16.15-16.45- group discussions
16.45-17.00- wrap up

Photo: Darja Olsevskaja