Ingleiv Berstad

Existing work ready for touring:

GALAKSEHOPEN by Helgebostad/Berstad/Brun
Galaksehopen (The galaxy cluster) is an enclosing installation and a dissolved concert that works according to its own laws of nature. The performance is experienced walking together. You are led into the gravitational field by the performers and the good helpers of the room, who have a background in rap, pop, contemporary dance, musicals, theater and metal. Together with these rapping, singing and dancing energies, we create clusters of continuous movement. Galaksehopen is a sensuous journey that steps inwards and expands outwards in the nervous system, solar system and mindset. Here you can feel energetic currents that send the community out into the wildest cosmos and into your inner universe.


Ingeleiv Berstad is a choreographer, dancer and musician based in Oslo, Norway. Her body of works spans from touring pieces to song-based phone-tours created for, to and in specific places. In her artistic practice she continues to investigate sound, movement, text and objects creating new connections and modes of being in the world. She holds an MA in choreography from Oslo National Academy of the Arts and was associated artist at Black Box theatre, Oslo 2019-20. She investigates various collective modes of production and is one of the founders of Bananaz – Forening for Scenekunst.