Mirte Bogaert

Existing work ready for touring:

REtransLATE is a performance about communication and (mis)interpretation. In the transfer of messages and stories from one person to another, one is never sure where the loss occurs on the one hand or where other dimensions of meaning tend to add up. One could wonder if in the end there is meaning in understanding what is said or if meaning is to be found in the spaces between what is said, which one might never be able to understand?


Mirte Bogaert is a Belgian dance artist, based in Bergen. She develops performing arts pieces rooted in the intertwinement between dance and music. Through her interest in sound and language, she explores possibilities for dance creation through methods of translation and observations related to rhythms of speaking and breathing. She is interested in the relation between language and body, as well as translation as a method for developing strong links between light, sound and movement.