Roza Moshtaghi

Existing work ready for touring:


LIMBO is a dance piece inviting the audience into a landscape of repetitive motifs, movements and sounds that are put into play.

LIMBO is an insect,

LIMBO depicts a collage of patterns in a loop, a regularity in the world.

The macho-mythologies of tattoo-wearing in Iran inspire LIMBO. The Letters and illustrations on bodies that are predicting life´s course, marking the end of life or remembrance of “Mother” as a symbol of eternal love/lover. Whispering words and alternating dance ornaments, monstrous characters march on the dance floor to break out of this subjugated word of symbols!


Roza Moshtaghi is an Iranian artist who lives and works in Oslo. Her creations often are situated within the performing arts field as a choreographer/dancer and performer. Her works deal with the unexplained narratives of desire generated in the process of adapting or reacting to systems/structures. The ordinary, or rather what we have forced inside the uniform of the ordinary, is Roza’s playground. She looks for possibilities to hypothesize «the hidden» by digging into the ordinary as a silent landscape.   Roza holds an MA in choreography from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She presents her work internationally and continues developing projects with other artists as a collaborator and performer. Her most recent projects are BUD(2022), kinShips(2021), LIMBO(2021), HOOP(2020), Bouncing Narratives(2019), Only Forever(2018).