Existing work ready for touring:

Økohelter (Ecoheroes)
with and by STICKY (Edginton/Lothe/Parsons/Olsen)

An immersive dance performance for children that zooms in on the little creatures that live on and beneath the Norwegian forest floor.

In a microworld for the curious, join us as the forest floor crawls to life. Meet heroic creatures and their powers. Discover them emerge, evolve and regenerate in a playful dance of interconnection. Inside this tactile landscape, togetherness becomes key as the weave of life in the forest is revealed. After you visit this mysterious wonderland, perhaps you’ll see the forest in a new light?

Suitable for children age 4 + and their family


STICKY (Edginton|Lothe|Olsen|Parsons) is a dance collective of queer, female dance artists. Their practice delves into the bodily and the sensitive, the playful and the peculiar, with a drive to create environmentally conscious work which centers new or untold narratives. The artists trained contemporary dance together at Laban, London, and Økohelter is their first work as the collective STICKY. They’re now making an adult version of Økohelter, looking at nature from a queer perspective.