Performances in the city

Experience dance- and sound installations in CODA warmupfest vol.2 on the 10th of October, taking place in Oslo city centre!

Oslo City

10. October - Kl 12.00

Saturday 10 October, CODA warmupfest vol.2 opens with performances by dance and sound artists. Their shows can be experienced at the roof of the Opera house, Vaterland bridge, the Vigeland Park, and Vega Scene. One performer is a young dance artist performing a ‘solo in water’; the other is an established choreographer with decades of experience sharing an excerpt from her anniversary performance. Det Elektriske Korps (The Electric Marching Band) are a 7-man band playing their synchronised electronic drum machines.

All this can be experienced throughout the day in Oslo city centre from 12 noon.

Det Elektriske Korps (DEK)
The Electric Marching Band (DEK) is a piece of sonic art for public spaces, made with portable drum machines. The rhythms they produce will incite dance and movement through the city centre.

Lise Nordal
Four dancers explore a limited section of the labyrinth by the fountain in the Vigeland Park. The Square is an excerpt from the performance V, which marked Lise Nordal’s 40th anniversary as a choreographer in 2018. The performance unites poetry with mathematics, combining set patterns with surprising movements.

Karianne Andreassen
OPP/HAV (literally meaning ‘origin’ but playing on the words up and sea) reflects on man’s fascination with and relation to the sea. It explores the tension between love and fear for this unknown landscape from whence we originated – but now only experience as strangers in a strange land. The solo is part of a larger project titled Hav og Opphav (Sea and Origin).